Thursday, January 17, 2019

3 Tips for Saving Money This Year

Now that we’re settled into the new year, it’s as good a time as any to begin saving a little extra cash these next twelve months. And now that the holiday season is over, you may start thinking about ways to pinch pennies in order to have some extra cash to make up for all you spent on gifts just a month ago.

Because we’re all in the thick of winter, these 3 tips that smart home owners are using to save mostly revolve around the colder months. Kickstart your savings with these helpful things and you’ll be rolling into the year with momentum in no time.

Turn down your heat.
Whether you’re doing a lot of cooking or having family or guests over for the new year, try leaving the oven door ajar after you’re done cooking to let the radiating heat warm your kitchen.

Also, you should try to take advantage of your fireplace (if you have one). Not only does a roaring fire add great atmosphere to the winter atmosphere, it also gives off much-needed warmth to the room it’s in. You should keep in mind that the fire will suck any remaining warm air from the room once it starts to die down, making your standard heating method use more energy in turn.

Use LED lights.
Switching to LED or fluorescent light bulbs will save you 90 percent compared to traditional incandescent lights. Not only do they save you on your power bill—they save you on buying replacement lights, too.

LED in particular can last up to 100,000 hours, or around 11-ish years. Considering the longevity of these bulbs, LED lights should last you a long time, meaning you’re only making trips to the store to replace them once a decade!

Order things online.
Sure, we know you want to spend your holiday cash on new clothes, and shopping after the holidays is a great way to save money on deals, deals, and more deals. But it still takes time and gas (which is money) to go to the store and pick something out. Save yourself the hassle and extra money by having it shipped to you instead.

Now that you’re armed with some ideas to save for the new year, get to budgeting in general so that you can track every single expense and save more money in return. You won’t regret it.

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